Principal’s Message


St. Mary’s Convent College, fondly called Ramnee had its humble birth on 2nd may in 1878 with 10 boarders. It was the brain child of then superior Sr. Salesia Reiner. It is solely under the care of Congregation of Jesus founded by Mother Mary Ward a great visionary of England in the 16th century. Its hundred and thirty eight years of glorious past is credited to the generation of sisters and truly dedicated and competent faculty as well.

Ramnee provides quality education to the girls from different sections of the society regardless of caste, creed and financial status. It enables the girls to strive to be responsible, mature and integrated persons. It develops them as persons competent, conscience, compassion and commitment. It is a matter of great pride for our students to identify themselves as Ramneeites in whichever field they are. Thousands of Ramneeites have passed through the portals of Ramnee and they uphold in their life the values instilled in them by their Alma Matter.

They strongly believe in the motto ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’ means labour conquers all. It motivates them to strive hard in all seasons of life especially in times of challenges and emerge successful. Our former president Late APJ Kalam has said, ‘If you want to shine like a sun, burn like a sun’. Keeping this in view the Ramneeites are motivated to enjoy their studies and to be a winner in life.

Since we live in a time where technology is advancing in leaps and bounds Ramnee has launched Franciscan Solutions e-Care service in order to keep us better connected with the parents, students and others in a faster and easier manner. I wish all the Ramneeites past, present and future the very best in life and God’s blessings in abundance.

Sr. Manjusha