• Should a parent of his/her own accord decide against sending his/her daughter to school after he/she has deposited the admission fee and registration fee with the school, he/she will not be entitled to a refund of either the admission fee or the registration fee deposited and would be liable to pay one month's boarding fee and three month's tuition fees in lieu of notice.
  • Should a parent wish to withdraw her daughter at anytime he/she must inform the Principal in writing giving clear three month's notice of his/her intention to do so. If the specified notice is not given, the parent is bound by the rules of the school to pay one month's boarding fee and three months' tuition fees.
  • Should a parent at any time and for any reason decide to take his/her daughter home for any period during the academic year, he/she will not be entitled to refund of either the tuition fee or the boarding fee for the period.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken against any student who is found to have used unfair means in the periodic tests or examinations and should the student concerned continue to repeat the offence, she will be required to be withdrawn.
  • If a child is not returning to the school the ensuing year, notice of withdrawal must be given by 30th November. The penalty for failure to give such notice will be payment of three months' tuition fee and one month's boarding fee.