Head Girl's Message

imaIn the heart of a leader, courage beats strong,
Guiding with wisdom, amending the wrong,
With words that stir the soul to rise,
They paint vibrancy in boundless skies.

Dear Ramneeites,

As the aforementioned lines describe who a true leader is, I stand in the name of God, and truly realise my responsibility and commitment towards the badge I hold. I believe, success becomes sweeter when the journey is challenging. Thus, never fear the impending difficulties and keep soaring high. These challenges shall mould you into your strongest self.

Life’s too short to worry about what the world says, just listen to your heart and paint the boundless skies with your dreams and imaginations. Remember, success belongs to those, who trust their abilities.

We are on this journey together, so let's embark on another enriching session with vigour and ecstasy.

Wishing you joy and success!

Fatima Siddiqui
Head Girl (Session - 2024-25)