Junior School Coordinator Message

“Education is the powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

Education plays an important role in a student’s life. It helps her to be self dependent, confident and provides a good direction to her thoughts. Right education gives student wisdom and hence helps her to become a good human being. Thus, schooling has the greatest influence on an individual’s life and helps a child to blossom forth into a well balanced person with a healthy mind and spirit.

Here in St. Mary’s Convent College, along with secular knowledge, we strive to instill in our students, strong personal conviction and right values to motivate their actions. To achieve this we seek to form in them a right conscience in their relations to God and fellow men with a thirst for truth, a sense of social justice, genuine concern for others and obedience to lawful authority.

I wish and pray that every child who passes through the portals of Ramnee be a blessing to the society.

Sunita Negi
(Junior School Coordinator)