Manager’s Message

My Dear Students, Teachers and Parents,

A short message that I like to give you is, how to build up your personality as you pass through the temple of education in St. Mary's convent college. Your self-steem shows the person who you are, self- esteem is the way we see and the way we think about it. Every encounter with your friends, teachers and others give you the experience which shapes your self-esteem
As you develop your self-esteem, you develop courage to talk to people, to express the way you think and to acknowledge the positiveness in others. Others will appreciate and enjoy your company. A high self esteem person attract other people. Each one is unique created by the Almighty God with lot of talents and skills. Only by developing one's talents and skills a person develops his/ her personality. Centuries ago our foundress Mother Mary Ward said "Women in time to come will do great things".
This saying will be fulfilled when we become a high self esteemed person with courage to face the challenges of life and live a peaceful and contented life. On the other hand low self-esteemed people are afraid, and never dare to express, for they fear others will redecule them or find fault with them.

I wish that all our students, will become high self esteemed persons and will make a difference in the society as you go out from this Institution…

My dear students develop your talents, skill and style. "Practice makes a person perfect" Learn always new things build up personal relationship with God and others. That will develop your personality,Our time on this earth is very limited. Make the best use of your time you have at your disposal to be a high self-esteemed person. Let me conclude with another saying of our Foundress Mother Mary Ward "Do good and do it well".
All the best

Sr. Sheeba CJ