Manager’s Message

“I hope in God it will be seen that women in time to come will do much.”

These were the prophetic words of Venerable Mary Ward, foundress of the Congregation of Jesus (C J). In 1609, heeding to the signs of the time she dared to begin something new in the Church and society. Making the above words a reality, the pioneering sisters came to India in 1853 to continue the dream of Mary Ward thus educating girls and giving them a place in society. Hearing the call of God and inspired by Mary Ward some brave, courageous and far-sighted women- CJ sisters, set their goal for Nainital hills. In 1878, Ramnee came into existence and we the CJ sisters render our services to humanity through education and caring for the poor and the marginalized. As we launch this Ramnee website in this Year of Mercy, I quote the words of Mother Mary Ward, “be compassionate and merciful towards the poor and generous also if you have the means, and do not call them beggars.”

As we scroll down the pages of this website, may the words of this great woman – Mary Ward, ring in our ears helping us to hear the cry of the poor around us and may the Almighty bless us to reach out to them in compassion and mercy.

Sr. Pratima