Rules For Boarders


  • Boarder students are allowed to write home once a month. All in-coming and out-going letters addressed to the students are strictly scrutinized by the school authorities. Telephone Calls : Telephone messages will be received or sent for Boarders and Day-scholars, but no student will have access to the telephone unless under emergency circumstances, which will be determined by the Principal.
  • Food Parcels : The school does not permit food parcels or fruit parcels to the students, by post, courier or persons. No tuck should be given to the students.
  • Possession of expensive articles : Parents are advised not to send their children to the school with expensive watches, cameras, tape-recorders, jewellery or other expensive articles. The school will not be responsible for any loss incurred by a student.


  • A list of holidays is sent to the Parents/Guardians at the beginning of the academic year.
  • Students are permitted to go out on specified holidays only with those persons whose names are given in the declaration form in the school diary, or persons authorized in writing by the parents.
  • Parents are requested to take special note of the school rules in respect of leave during the mid-term breaks and other holidays.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children return to the school in the specified time after the mid-term, winter holidays or any other holiday/holidays.
  • If a boarder student fails to report back to the school by the specified time, she may have to forfeit the next leave due to her, and if even this should fail to ensure her reporting punctually in future, she will be required to be withdrawn.
  • Parents are requested, in the interest of their children, not to visit them on days other than those specified in the holiday list, to enable the children to adjust to their environment and concentrate on their studies.
  • Going out for overnight stay — permission will be granted only to the parents and very close relatives authorized by the parents to do so.
  • Anyone below the age of 25 will not be granted permission to take a student out of school.
  • In their own interest and safety, parents are required to collect their children on holidays themselves. No student will be permitted to go out with their younger brothers or sisters studying in other schools in Nainital.
  • Frequent visits by parents make the children homesick and unsettled —Therefore, parents are requested to co-operate in following the above rules.


  • No visitors are allowed to visit the children during the week. Authorized visitors may be allowed in case of urgency, with the explicit permission of the Principal.

Pocket Money

  • Every Boarder student is given a specified amount of Pocket Money on every Sunday. Parents are advised to give no extra pocket money in the hands of the individual child.
  • Parents are requested to respect this rule of the School, in order to prevent the students from developing undesirable habits and also with a view of minimizing differences between children.

Other Point

  • Day-scholars are not permitted to leave the school premises during class hours or at lunch-time without the written permission of the Principal. Leave application must be submitted whenever a child is absent from the school.
  • Day-scholars who are persistently unpunctual and irregular in attendance will be first warned and next suspended. Finally, if no improvement follows, their parents will be directed to withdraw them from the school.
  • Repeated acts of misconduct such as dishonesty by a student, and failure to respond to the disciplinary measures taken by the school authorities, will lead to the expulsion of the student concerned or her withdrawal being required by the Principal.
  • The Principal, may, at any time, without assigning any reason, require a parent or guardian to withdraw her child from the school if she considers it necessary in the over-all interest of the school.
  • The school cannot accept the responsibility in case of an accident. This applies to all accidents, which may occur in the Science Laboratories or on the games field or on journeys to and from the school.
  • The age of a student accepted by the School will be as stated in the student's Transfer Certificate. The Principal may, if she considers it necessary, insist on seeing the birth registration certificate in original.
  • No travel arrangements will be made by the school.

Private Tuition

  • The school does not undertake to provide private tuition except in case of those students who, having otherwise qualified for admission, are found to need special coaching in Hindi, to bring them up to the required standard for the external examinations conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations.
  • The School disapproves of the practice of teachers undertaking private tuition and on no account may parents enter into such an agreement with any member of the teaching staff of this school.
  • The school is aware of its responsibility towards those children who need greater individual attention than the others, and endeavours to provide for their special need through tutorial classes and remedial teaching. The school tries to stimulate children (through withdrawal of privileges if essential) to work to the best of their ability, and strives, in particular, to inculcate in students the value of sustained effort and independent study. However parents are requested to remember that the school has its limitations in-so-far as the innate ability of children, their aptitude for academic work and their attitudes also have a bearing on the success of the schemes the school has designed for the progress and development of the children. The obvious inability of a student to profit from the system in the School may lead to her withdrawal being required by the Principal.